Connecting with Customers

Written by: Alan Rodway - Your Coach Online

A list of actions to connect with customers:

  • Formal reviews.
  • Newsletters / information / tips / reminders / special offers … electronic … and follow up.
  • Social media.
  • Sourcing accurate customer feedback … e.g. Surveymonkey, NPS (net promoter score), interviews. Importance of the questions.
  • Dealing effectively with the customer feedback.
  • Sourcing customer input (c.f. customer feedback).
  • Seminars / discussion groups / webinars.
  • Building client profiles, over time, so that communication becomes refined.
  • Welcome pack to new customers and differing ‘treatments’ for each segment.
  • Customer events … e.g. BBQ’s, movies.
  • Non purpose face to face catch ups.
  • Pick up the phone.
  • Empower all staff who deal with customers (to prevent “I can’t help you”).
  • Ensure your customer feels a personal / emotional connection to your business … personalise your business.
  • Have a genuine community purpose that customers can relate to.
  • Rapid response times to emails from customers (or any other contact from them).
  • Ensure your customers can communicate with your business via mobile, easily and effectively.
  • Have an App.
  • Connect with staff to connect with customers.
  • Connect the business Why to the customer Why.
  • Contact with lost customers.
  • Data on times and triggers for when customers are most likely to leave … and preventive action for each.
  • Data on the cost of acquiring a customer.
  • Customer service focus / culture.
    • Ensure the customer can contact you via their preferred medium (phone call, text, email, face to face, website).
    • Customer not always right but always to be respected.
    • Wow factor but not losing the core of what we do.

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