Mental Health Coaching for Small Business Owners

Being a small business owner is a unique experience which can involve stress and pressure coming from many directions.

If you aren’t sleeping, struggling to concentrate, or are just feeling overwhelmed by day-to-day challenges, consider NewAccess for Small Business Owners. Developed by Beyond Blue, NewAccess for Small Business Owners is a free mental health coaching program offering flexible phone and video call support options for small business owners so they can manage stress and improve their mental wellbeing.

Coaches of the NewAccess for Small Business Owners program all have a small business background, allowing them to better understand the challenges small business owners may face. No doctor’s referral is required.

“One great thing about NewAccess was the accessibility. I was under so much stress financially and it was free.” — NewAccess participant

To find out more or enquire today visit, or if you know a small business owner, let them know about the new program.