Shopping Small Makes a Big Difference

With lockdowns returning to most of the country over the past few weeks, small businesses need your help to rally around them and ensure businesses and their staff can make it through this period.

As Bookkeepers we are the forefront of small business and any tips we can provide small businesses to help increase customers, sales and cash flow in the current environment are a welcomed idea. Pass these initiatives onto the small businesses you work with and encourage participation in the GO LOCAL FIRST campaign to help raise awareness of the importance of shopping locally.

12 Ways to Increase Your Business Exposure

GO LOCAL FIRST has pulled together some of the best ideas from local business champions from around Australia to help you get your community to GO LOCAL FIRST and support local businesses.

Ideas such as creating incentives like raffles, delivering to locals, gift card schemes, and maximising digital opportunities to engage with consumers, connect with businesses, and raise awareness about the importance of shopping locally are some of the advice on offer.

For more information see 12 Ways to Increase Your Business Exposure