Success is a Decision

Written by: Alan Rodway - Your Coach Online

The list of fallacies about what causes success … in business and in life … is endless. Some of them are just quick fix type approaches that appeal to the human psyche of wanting things quickly and easily, some are convoluted concepts that indulge our intellects and some are the product of people’s vested interests in what they are selling or promoting. Only one thing causes success … a decision to be successful.

Once we decide to be successful it begs the question .. what does success look like? That forces us to clearly define what we are setting out to achieve. Once we do that it begs the next question … what must we do to attain those outcomes? That leads to the next question … are we prepared to do everything we just listed, no matter what? That forces us to articulate the price of success and ask the last question … are we prepared to pay that price? Only when all of those questions are answered honestly and when the final question is answered with a resounding Yes, will be successful. It is a matter of decision … it is not a matter of feeling motivated, nor luck, nor history, nor circumstance, nor confidence. So:

  • Decide what you want to achieve,
  • Decide what you have to do and not do,
  • Decide to do and not do those things, no matter what.

There are several reasons many people don’t follow this approach:

  1. They have been poorly educated or trained to believe that success is more complicated … and almost refuse to let that go or just can’t. The brainwashing that impacts people, whilst not malicious, is extremely damaging and constantly causes them to ask “Why do I find it so hard to just do what it takes?” … rather than just doing it and not trying to conquer their own emotional imperfections that lead to unsuccessful behaviours. Words like confidence, feeling motivated, focus, good attitude, staying positive, have done more damage to human success than could ever be quantified … and yet trainers, psychologists, so called motivators and many other professions unwittingly perpetuate these myths that never have worked and never will.
  2. They confuse simple and easy. The fact that the recipe for success is simple does not make it easy … it is difficult … but it is still a decision.
  3. They would rather it be untrue so that quick fixes and easier roads to success can be taken.
  4. They just can’t intellectualise nor internalise the concept of deciding on required behaviours for success and then engaging them, and it being that straight forward.
  5. They want to feel confident before trying … think about that … how can anyone be confident about what will happen if they try? If starting requires confidence then half the world would never try. Never ask if outcomes are likely … that’s difficult … just do what you’ve decided is required to succeed … that’s not as difficult.

What each of us can achieve in life will be impacted by some of what we were born with .. can’t change that. But the rest is a set of decisions. One of the most valuable lessons in life is to understand and teach others this concept. Our success is a result of what we do and don’t do. What we do and don’t do is a result of what we decide.

Make some decisions to succeed. Then apply the courage and self discipline to stick to your decisions.

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