Two Requirements for a Decision

Written by: Alan Rodway - Your Coach Online

This is a brief but very important piece of advice for making important decisions.

There are two parts in making any decision… the feeling you have inside (your senses) and the thoughts you have (your brain). Until they both align, don’t make a decision!

When considering a decision our brains are engaged by the question ‘what should I do or not do?’ The brain then swings into action on both conscious and subconscious levels, and will take whatever time it needs to work through all aspects before a decision is reached. At the same time this is happening you will ‘feel’ something inside you… and that will be uncertainty or a feeling of what to do. This feeling is from your instincts, your senses, with part of the feeling a result of where your subconscious brain is up to in its evaluation.

Everyone will have experienced a situation where, intellectually, a decision appears to be an obvious one to make but something inside you doesn’t feel right. Senses, conscious brain and subconscious brain are not (yet) aligned and no decision should yet be made. Conversely, everyone will have experienced the opposite when a particular decision feels the way to go but your brain is telling you to allow more think time. Alignment is not there and no decision should yet be made.

The human body was wired with two amazing mechanisms to make effective decisions. Only when the brain and senses align should a decision be taken and enacted. Otherwise, we are not utilising the very tools we were born with … our instincts, senses, conscious brain and subconscious brain. Understanding this is a most powerful way of making consistently good decisions.

One of the difficulties of waiting until alignment occurs is the external world’s demands on us to make decisions earlier than we are ready to …. choosing between options, things going wrong, sometimes just other people putting pressure on to ‘make your mind up’. These external factors have to be resisted, when at all possible. That’s not indecisive (as the world will have us believe sometimes); it’s the opposite …. it’s an effective approach to decision making. A wrong decision, in business, in life, can have significant negative consequences. Hold out until alignment occurs.

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