Why Good People Leave

Written by: Alan Rodway - Your Coach Online

There is little point going to a lot of effort to source and appoint quality people only to lose them. This is a brief look at why good people leave businesses.

  • Lack of confidence and belief in the people above them … and worst of all is if that is the most senior person/people or owner/s.
  • Having to put up with poor behaviours of people around them and little being done to stop it by more senior people.
  • Lack of future direction and vision … not what is written down in the mission, vision, values statements that proliferate notice boards, reception areas and notice boards … but what is actually lived and felt by people.
  • Lack of marketplace opportunity and perceived future for the business. Quality people will see the writing on the wall and leave for a business that has a real opportunity in future markets.
  • Not being heard … actually being heard..
  • Witnessing other businesses just doing it better and not feeling they can contribute to that happening ‘here’.
  • Difficult to achieve a balance between work and non work. Often this occurs because the real pressure is to work and do the job with lip service to better balance in life.
  • Little or no connection to the fundamental purpose of the business … and therefore little passion for the cause.
  • It’s just not fun … and if it’s not fun then it’s too hard.
  • Not trusted. That’s so insulting to a quality person they won’t tolerate it. And it means more than being trusted to do the work … it means being trusted enough to contribute to improvements.

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